NBA Totals

NBA totals betting is a type of sports bet at NBA betting websites in which you attempt to predict whether the total score of both teams will be higher than or lower than a number picked by the sportsbook. For example, if the total is 200.5 points, you will try to pick whether you think the combined score of both teams will be 201 points or more or 200 points or less.

Many sports have totals betting, but totals are especially popular in the NBA. NBA games are fast-paced, high-scoring contests that are perfect for totals betting. Few things are as exciting as watching a game get down to the wire while you have a big totals bet riding on the outcome.

If you want to bet on NBA totals, you can visit any NBA betting site to get started. Once you have an account at an NBA betting site, you can then choose any upcoming game and look for the points total. Choose the over or the under, choose your bet amount and submit your bet. The basketball betting gods will take care of the rest.

NBA Totals Betting Example

San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets

Over 212.5 -110

Under 212.5 -110

In this NBA totals example, we have a game between the Spurs and the Nuggets. The posted total for this game is a grand total of 212.5 points. You can wager on whether the total combined score both teams is more than or less than that amount.

The -110 next to each result is your expected payout if your wager is correct. This is an even money bet minus a little vigorish that the sportsbook keeps as its profit. So if you wager $110 on either side, you will get a $100 payout if you are correct.

A half-point is often used to prevent games from ending on the exact total number. In this example, there is no possibility of the total being exactly 212.5 points. Some sportsbooks do not use half-points, though. In that case, any game that ends up on the exact points total will result in the bettors receiving their money back without any wins or losses.

When NBA betting sites set the points total, they try to pick a number that is as close to what the actual total will be as possible. The goal in setting this number is to get an equal amount of action from the betting public. That way, the sportsbook makes a profit no matter what the result is.

NBA Totals Strategy

NBA totals have plenty of room for strategy. Research on upcoming games will tell you how these two teams are likely to fair against one another. For example, you can look at the offensive and defensive capabilities of each team and come up with your own points total. You can then use that to help make your final prediction.

Successful NBA totals betting all comes down to doing research and working harder than the average sports bettor. In any NBA totals matchup, you can do research on how those two teams play against each other, you can keep up to date on key players and you can consider the strengths and weaknesses of each team to make successful totals bets.

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