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“NFL Betting” – Beginning with preseason in August and continuing through the Super Bowl in February, NFL betting is one of the most popular online sports betting options on the Internet. Any reputable betting site will accept all types of NFL bets and wagers on their website.

Regardless of whether you take a casual or professional approach to betting on NFL games online, it is important to understand the types of bets available, what information to look for in order to make smart bets and how to find the best NFL betting site at which to make your wagers.

Nearly all NFL bettors fail to consider the basic fundamentals of online football betting when placing wagers on NFL games. However, you can use some key information to make smart bets on the NFL online.

Best NFL Betting Sites

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Types of Bets You Can Place

Straight Bet: A straight bet is a wager on a team to win by a certain amount of points (provided when you place the wager). If no odds are given at the time of the wager, the amount that you must wager to win $1.00 is $1.10. In order to be successful, your chosen team must win by at least more than the given point total. If they win by only the point total, your bet is returned. If they win, but not by at least the point total, you will lose the bet. Of course, if they lose the game, you will also lose your wager.

Example: You place a $1.10 wager on San Francisco to win by 6 over Chicago. San Francisco beats Chicago by 3 points. You have lost your bet. If San Francisco had won by 7 points, your total payout would have been $2.10.

Totals or Over/Under: A total wager is a bet on the combined score of two teams in NFL betting. At the time that you place the bet, the total for the game will be given – upon which you can bet that the combined score will be over or under. Unless specifically mentioned at the time of betting, this type of bet also requires a $1.10 wager to win $1.00.

Example: You are about to place a wager on a game between New York and Cincinnati. The total is 45. You decide that the score of the game will likely exceed 45 so you bet the over. The score ends up being 42-14, or 56. You have won your wager.

Money Line: Money liner wagers are the simplest to understand in NFL betting. When you make a money line bet, you are simple selecting the team that you think will win the game. The odds, or how much money you can win by placing a bet varies by the teams that are playing the game.

Example: You place a money line wager on Minnesota -160 to beat Green Bay +260. In order to win $1.00, you would have to wager $1.60. If you were to bet on Green Bay, betting only $1.00 could result in a $2.60 win if Green Bay was successful.

Halftime Bet: A halftime bet is generally a wager on the score when considering only the first half or second half of the game. This bet can be offered as a money line or point spread. In order to understand this wager, simply consider each half of the NFL game to be a separate game.

Other Types of NFL Wagers: Other NFL wagers can include parlay bets which require that you make several different wagers on different games – all of these wagers must be successful in order for you to win but the payout increases based on how many bets you include. Proposition bets can be set on almost anything in an NFL game. For example, a proposition bet could be on which football team will score during the second half.

Useful Tips to Help You Win

One of the first mistakes that NFL bettors make is letting their emotion get too involved in a contest – especially when placing multiple bets. If you have multiple bets to place and all carry the same odds, simply keep the NFL betting wagers the same across the board for consistent betting.

It is also important to pay close attention to the injury reports of each team. The person setting the odds will often consult these reports first. However, you should always make sure that you know who will be playing on a team in the event that the odds maker made a mistake during calculation.

Focus on accurate statistics rather than getting your NFL betting ideas from the news or colorful Internet sources. News reporters are trained to make some events in the NFL look more significant than they actually are to create hype. This can be dangerous when using the information in NFL betting online. Finally, don’t always rely on the same betting site to get the best lines. Whenever you are ready to make a bet on the NFL, do some shopping around to find out which lines are the best or which sportsbook features the best odds.

Choosing the Best in the Business

One of the most important factors in choosing the best NFL betting sites is considering the reliability or authenticity of the site. Look for licenses or certifications available at the bottom of the site’s homepage. Another good indication of an NFL betting site’s reliability is the amount of time that they have been in operation. The longer that an NFL betting site has been operating, the more likely they are to be a high quality web site.

The best NFL betting websites also feature high quality customer support that is available to assist you with any problems or questions that you might have while using the NFL betting site. A good customer support department will be available through multiple email addresses, telephone and live chat.

Finally, it is important that your best NFL online betting site frequently offer free bets and promotions to build your sports betting bankroll. Most NFL betting sites will offer free bets to players when they first sign up. However, the best NFL betting sites online will offer free bets with subsequent deposits and when you transfer money from your online poker or casino account.

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