Olympics Betting Sites for 2017

Between the Summer and Winter Olympics every two years, Olympic betting opportunities are always looming. All major online betting sites offer Olympic betting and many sportsbooks even offer betting on preliminary events. No matter what times of year it is, you can be sure to find some sort of Olympic sport to bet on.

As each series of Olympic Games draws nearer, the action really starts to heat up at Olympic betting sites around the world. New athletes enter the spotlight, old ones make big announcements and the level of excitement grows every day. By the time the Olympics actually kick off, the sports betting community is chomping at the bits.

Learning What’s Available

There are a ton of Olympic betting options, with both Olympic Games combining to feature 33 sports and almost 400 separate events. The Olympics feature all the major sports in the world and many others that you don’t normally get to see on television. There are betting opportunities abound with the Olympics and if you do your homework, there is also a lot of money to be made.

You can find a list of Olympics betting options at most betting sites in one of two ways. Some online betting sites create a special section dedicated to the Olympics. As the Olympics draw nearer, more and more sports betting sites create pages dedicated to Olympic betting. At other sportsbooks, you can find the Olympics by first clicking on the sport you want to bet on and then choosing the “Olympics” option where the different leagues are listed.

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Types of Olympic Wagers

The types of Olympic bets you can make are almost unlimited as well. In addition to normal bets on the winner of any match, you can also bet on which individual athletes will win medals. Some athletes are favored over others, so you will see quite a bit of variance in the potential payoffs for each bet.

Team Sports

In team sports, you can also place wagers on which teams will win the gold medal. The more unlikely a team is to win, the higher the potential payoff for betting on that team. Conversely, the more likely a team is to win, the lower the potential payoff for betting on that team. In the past, some poorly ranked teams have been given 45000 to 1 odds against winning. Although your odds are long in such a bet, the payoff would be enormous.


The Olympic Games also offer a wide variety of prop bets. These are bets that don’t really fit in any one category but they are usually pretty random. One popular prop bet each year is the wager on which team will win the most gold medals overall. In recent years, China and the United States have competed very closely for the most gold medals.


No matter what type of Olympic betting you’re into, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at one of our top rates online sportsbooks. Take a look at our sportsbook reviews section to find the best sportsbook for your gambling action. While the athletes are busy winning gold medals, you will hopefully be busy winning gold.

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