Fixed Limit Poker

In a poker game with a Fixed Limit wagering structure, players do no get to choose which amount they’d like to bet. Rather, the wager amount is determined before the hand begins. In initial betting rounds, the wager amount is fixed at a value known as the small bet.

In later betting rounds, players must wager the big bet, a value that is also predetermined. Often, live casinos, poker sites and home games will impose a rule that limits the number of raises that can be made in a single betting round. Together, these rules make for a betting structure that is more controlled and stable then others, such as No Limit, Pot Limit and Spread Limit.

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Fixed Limit Poker Rules

In the first two rounds players have the option of betting or not betting the small bet amount. The small bet is typically equivalent to the amount of the big blind. In the two later rounds of Fixed Limit poker, the requisite wager amount increases to the big bet. This wager is twice the value of the small bet.

Players still have the options of calling, checking (when appropriate), raising or folding, but they only have access to one wager amount at any given point of the game.

The wagering is usually labelled according to their small bet and big bet. For example, a $10 / $20 Fixed Limit game would have a small bet of $10 in the first two rounds and a big bet of $20 in the final two betting rounds. The small blind and big blind in this game would be $5 and $10, respectively.

Of course, you can end up wagering more than the amount of the bet during the course of a betting round. For example, if a player bets $10, is raised $10, and re-raises another $10, he’ll wager a total of $30 over the course of the betting round.

In this way, strategy in Fixed Limit poker is largely dependent on the number of times players raise in a single round, as opposed to the amount of a single raise.

Maximum Raises

Most places limit the number of raises that can be made in a single round. This number is usually limited to the first bet plus three or four additional raises. The round will automatically end when this raise cap has been met.

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