No-Limit Poker

No Limit is a highly popular betting structure at real money poker sites that is primarily applied to Texas Holdem games. In a No Limit poker betting game, players can bet any value between and including the big blind and the current size of their chip stack. The popular poker phrase “all-in” generally refers to a betting decision in No Limit poker, in which a player pushes all of his chips into the pot.

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Despite the immense popularity of No Limit Texas Holdem, it’s actually a rather risky game for poker beginners who would be better suited to a Fixed Limit betting structure.

No Limit Betting Rules

Unlike poker betting structures such as Fixed Limit, Spread Limit and Pot Limit, there is no maximum betting value in No Limit poker. Of course, it’s also not possible to buy additional chips, or wager something other than chips, during a No Limit poker hand.

This runs contrary to how No Limit poker is often portrayed in entertainment and media, where a player can wager a valuable possession after running out of chips.

The phrase “no limit” is misleading in another way as well, since a minimum wager limit is always imposed in No Limit poker game. The minimum bet you can place in No Limit poker is equivalent to the amount of the big blind. In a $25 / $50 No Limit Texas Holdem game, for example, the big blind is $50.

Though buy-ins for No Limit online poker games vary from one poker site to another, the minimum buy-in for NLHE (No Limit Texas Holdem) is 20 times the big blind, and the maximum buy-in is 100 times the big blind. In rare cases, it’s possible to find a No Limit poker game with no maximum buy-in.

Considerations For No Limit Online Poker

Depending on stake levels at real money online poker sites, No Limit poker can actually be less risky than Fixed Limit or Pot Limit poker. When playing with experienced poker players, there’s a mutual understanding that all-in bets are risky, and actually quite obnoxious when used excessively.

For this reason, the “no limit” aspects of the No Limit betting structure aren’t actually utilized very often.

On the other hand, the intrinsically wild nature of No Limit as a betting structure makes it best suited to Texas Holdem, a game inherently tight, reserved action when played correctly.

A game such as Omaha, which is known for higher levels of action and larger wagers, can become too wild when played with a No Limit betting structure. Despite this, it is possible find games such as No Limit Omaha and No Limit 7 Card Stud at many top rated online poker sites.

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