Spread Limit Poker Betting

Spread Limit is a relatively rare structure that is used to specify how much players can bet when it’s their turn. In Spread Limit poker games, the maximum and minimum bet amounts are determined before the game begins. In addition, you can bet any amount between these two values.

*Note, as of now I’m not aware of any poker sites that actually offer spread limit games.  Best overall poker sites for all formats are below.

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The minimum and maximum betting values are set before the first hand begins. For example, the spread might be $2 to $10. In this case, you may bet $2, $10, or any amount in between. Often, Spread Limit poker games will have additional higher limits when multiple betting rounds are used. In this case, the spread for early betting rounds might be $2 to $10, while the later rounds (or only the final round, as the case may be) will have the spread increased to $2 to $20.

As with virtually any poker game, the minimum bet limit may artificially increase as the action continues in a particular round. For example, if the spread is $2 to $10 and the player before you raises $5, you must also put $5 into the pot as a call if you wish to stay in the hand. The $2 minimum bet becomes irrelevant at this point.

Basic Strategy

The most basic mistake made by beginning players involves giving easy tells by betting certain amounts within the spread. For example, Spread Limit beginners will often bet very near the top limit when their hand is good, and near to or at the low limit when their hand is mediocre. You can avoid this by choosing a particular betting amount inside of the spread and sticking with it, except when you need to call a raise. By placing bets that are as uniform as possible, you’ll avoid giving away the quality of your hand while still staying in the game. You can also occasionally bluff by mixing up your bets, and betting near the low limit even with a solid hand.

Different Games and Variations

The most common variation is limit holdem, draw, and stud games – along with a little known game called California Spread. With this bet structure, the high limit is usually much higher than in a standard Spread Limit game, e.g. $10 to $1,000. This makes the game similar to No Limit poker.

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