Sports Betting Pools

Sports betting pools are friendly competitions that can be used to add excitement to an entire season or a single game. There are all kinds of fantasy sports betting sites with pools out there, but a few are much more common than the others. On this page, we will discuss a couple of the most common pools and explain how they work.

Survivor Pools

Survivor Pools, also known as an “office pool”, are the most basic and most common type of betting pool. In a typical survivor pool, the goal is correctly predict the outcome of one game every week. Everyone who picks correctly gets to remain in the pool for another week; everyone who picks incorrectly is eliminated.

There is no specific game that everyone has to pick each week. In any sport, the members can pick any game during the week and make their pick. However, each participant can only pick one team during the course of the pool. So if you pick the best team on week 1, you’re going to have to get creative as the season drags on.

A survivor pool continues until there are only two people remaining. Those people can either split the prize money or have some sort of shootout. There is no international organization that regulates the rules of pools, so set it up however you want.

NFL football betting pools are by far the most popular. No other sport in the US can match the excitement and buildup of a new NFL season. Pools are used around the world, though, and many sports can be used to create a survivor pool contest.

NCAA Basketball Brackets

College basketball generates lots of excitement – especially during March Madness. When the tournament brackets are released every year, millions of fans get into the game by competing in NCAA basketball brackets. The goal in NCAA basketball brackets is to correctly predict the outcome of as many games as possible at each stage of the tournament.

The NCAA releases the tournament bracket at the beginning of the tournament season. A group of bettors get together and print out empty brackets. Each participant then makes predictions for each game in the tournament. Points are awarded for each game correctly predicted.

This same process repeats for each round of the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the person with the most points wins the bracket and any associated prize.

Bracket participants can score points any number of ways. Many brackets start out by giving out a few points for each correct prediction in the early rounds and then increasing the number of points awarded in subsequent rounds. Some brackets also give additional points for correctly predicting upsets.

Super Bowl Squares

During the biggest game of the NFL season, placing wagers on Super Bowl squares can be used to add excitement and occasionally even raise money for charity. Here’s how Super Bowl betting squares work:

Creates a large grid, this grid should be ten rows across by ten rows down, so that there are one hundred squares in the grid. Across the top of the grid, the numbers 0-9 should be filled out so that each number occupies one column. Along the side of the grid, the numbers 0-9 should be filled out so that each number occupies one row.

The name of one football team should be printed prominently across the top of the grid above the numbers. The other team should be printed in the same manner down the side of the grid outside the numbers.

So now we have a 100-square grid with the names of two football teams and the numbers 0-9 running along the top and left side. Your Super Bowl squares grid should look something like this:

Now people can purchase squares at a set cost. If each square costs $10, then the total grid will be worth $1,000. If there are not many people competing, people may purchase more than one square.

At the end of the Super Bowl, the final score of the game is used to determine the winner. Take the last digit of each team’s score and see where those numbers intersect on the grid. Using the 2010 Super Bowl as an example, the final score was Saints-31 and Colts-17.

If the Saints were printed across the top of the grid, then you would use the second digit in their score (1) and that would be the correct column of the winner. Then using the second digit of the Colts’ score (7), you would know the correct row of the winner. Whoever owns the square at the intersection of that row and column wins the prize.

The score for each quarter and halftime can also be used to pick more than one winner. The winners can either split the total prize or each quarter / halftime score can be held as its own competition.

So Where Can I Find Betting Pools Online?

Most of the top rated sportsbooks have all types of betting pools, and usually the prizes are much bigger than your typical buddy or office type pool. We recommend checking around and creating accounts so you can register in many pools at once, and have a better chance of winning.

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