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Thanks to the internet, rugby is quickly becoming one of the top sports for sports bettors. Rugby in general isn’t very popular in the United States. In the UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and about 120 other counties, though, rugby only is extremely popular.

Events to Look For

Rugby offers a lot of options that include upcoming events you can wager on. For example, rugby bettors can wager on any of the following events on the web:

  • Individual matches
  • Rugby World Cup
  • The Guinness Premiership
  • Challenge Cup
  • Heineken Cup
  • Six Nations
  • Super 14

Best Rugby Betting Websites

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Rugby League Play

League is generally considered to be the faster paced between league and union play. While it’s completely open to interpretation, Rugby League is generally considered to be the more exciting sport. There are fewer stops in the action with regarding rules. As far as gambling goes, the two are basically the same. In both types of rugby play, you can make a wide variety of bet types.

Union Play

Rugby Union is traditionally known as the “upper class” version of the sport. There are more rules and the game is slower paced. As a result, Union play is the less popular of the two. This is all subject to debate, of course, but that is the most common point of view among rugby fans. You will still find plenty of people who prefer Rugby Union to Rugby League.

Variety of Wagers You Can Make

There are a wide variety of wagers you can make on upcoming matches. These include:

Match Bets – This is the most basic form of rugby betting. A match bet is a straight up wager on one team or the other. You may also wager on ties.

Supremacy – This is a wager how many points one team will beat another by.

Outright Winner – This is a bet on which team will win the entire tournament.

Futures – Futures are bets on which team will win a major event such as the Rugby World Cub.

First Try Scorer – You can wager on the first player to score the first try or the first team to score the first try. Of course it’s more difficult to predict the first player to score a try so the payouts for that one are higher than when betting on the first team to score.

Last Try Scorer – This is the opposite of the first try scorer. You can bet on the last player to score a try or the last team to score a try.

Season Points – This is on the total number of points scored by a team during a season.

Total Points – This is on the total number of points scored by both teams during a single match.

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