Wagering on Sic Bo

“Sic Bo” – is a Chinese game that translates into English as “dice pair.” Despite what the name implies, it revolves around rolling a set of three dice. The object of Sic Bo betting is to correctly predict the numbers that will appear after the dice roll, as well as certain combinations of these numbers. We have ranked the top rated Sic Bo betting sites below:

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Sic Bo Bets and Useful Tips

A wide variety of Sic Bo bets are available, and each offer different payout ratios, probabilities of winning and house edges. You can maximize your profitability by choosing bets with lower house edges and higher payout ratios.

Some of the wagers, along with their winning probability, payout ratio and house edge, include the following:

  • Small: This bet wins when the sum of the dice values is between 4 and 10, with the exception of a 3-of-a-kind roll. 48.61% (winning probability). 1:1 (payout ratio). 2.78% (house edge).
  • Big: This is a wager that the total of the dice values will be between 11 and 17, with the exception of a 3-of-a-kind. 48.61%. 1:1. 2.78%.
  • Even: This is stating that the total value of the dice will be even, except 3-of-a-kind. The house edge is 2.78%, and the winning probability is 48.61%.
  • Odd: This is an identical bet to Even, except that the dice total must be odd. The house edge and winning probability is the same as with an Even bet.
  • Totals: These are a series of wagers that the dice total will equal one of two numbers. Bets includes totals of 4 or 17, 5 or 16, 6 or 15, 7 or 14, 8 or 13, 9 or 12, and 10 or 11.

Winning probabilities and payout ratios vary wildly between these bets. For example, a Total of 4 or 17 bet has a payout ratio between 50:1 and 65:1, and has a winning probability of 1.39%. A Total of 8 or 13 bet has a payout ratio of 8:1, and a winning probability of 9.72%.

  • Any One Number: This is a wager that one of the three dice will match a certain number, such as 2 or 5. If the number appears once, the payout ratio is 1:1. If the number appears twice or three times, the payout ratios are 2:1 and 3:1, respectively.

The probability of winning a single match is 34.72%, while the probability of all three matching is 0.46%.

  • Two Number Combination: Two of the three dice will roll a certain value, for example 2 and 4. This bet has a winning probability of 13.89%. Depending on the casino, this bet could have a payout ratio and house edge of 5:1 (16.67%) or 6:1 (2.78%).
  • Double: This is a wager that two of the same specific number will appear, such as 2 and 2 or 5 and 5. A Double bet has a payout ratio between 8:1 and 11:1, and a winning probability of 7.41%.
  • Triple: This is a bet that all three dice will roll the same specified value, such as 111 or 666. The payout ratio is between 150:1 and 180:1, with a winning probability of 0.46%.
  • Any Triple: This is a wager that all three dice will have the same value, regardless of their actual number. Payout ratios range from 24:1 and 30:1, and the probability of winning is 2.78%.
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