Tennis Betting Websites on the Internet

Tennis is an international sport that runs year round, which means there are wagering opportunities no matter what time of year it is. Major Championships take all the headlines but you can bet on matches all 12 months of the year. All you have to do is visit your favorite sportsbook and check out the tennis section. Inside there, you will find dozens of wagering options to choose from.

A Few Hints and Tips to Consider

Tennis is dominated by a few great players but it pays to know the smaller-name players. The top players are so well known that it’s difficult to find advantageous lines and odds. Sportsbooks have less information about less-known players and that makes it easier for you to find profitable lines/odds. Just like any sport, it’s possible to make a good income but it does require work.

Before you place a wager on an upcoming match, take a look at the playing surface. Players perform differently on different surfaces. Note whether the match will be played on clay, grass, asphalt or any one of a variety of indoor surfaces. Do a little research and you’ll be able to tell which players perform the best on which surfaces. But remember – the surface does not determine the outcome of the match; it only plays a small part in helping you make your decision.

Finally, make sure you do a complete news checkup of each player. Educate yourself on each player’s mental condition, physical condition and personal issues. The more you know about a tennis player, the more likely you are to accurately estimate that player’s chances of winning.

Online Tennis Sportsbooks

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What Types of Bets Can I Place?

The most common form is wagering on the winner of an upcoming tennis match. At online bookmakers, both players are listed next to each other along with their odds. The favorite is more likely to win but offers lower payouts for winning bets. The underdog offers a higher payout but is unlikely to win the match.

Individuals in Tournaments

Some players prefer the tournaments only where they can bet on how well individual players will place in the tournament. Each player is given individual odds on finishing first place in the tournament. The more unlikely the player is to win, the higher the payouts for that player.


Totals are also popular among tennis enthusiasts. The most common type of totals bet is on how many sets the match will last. The sportsbook lists a number of sets and then you may wager on whether the match will include more sets or fewer sets than the number set by the tennis betting site.

Proposition/Prop Bets

Prop bets aren’t as common in tennis as in other sports but most sportsbooks still offer them. For example, one sportsbook is currently offering prop bets on how many Grand Slams specific players will win next year. They can be based on almost anything so you’ll want to check to find out which props you can place.

The below articles go into more detail on each spefic tennis wager you can make:

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