Betting Picks

Betting Picks are tips on upcoming games offered by professional handicappers to the general public, either for free or for a paid subscription. These picks give advice on which team sports bettors should bet on in upcoming matches and why. The purpose of betting picks is to increase one’s win rate with the help of professional, experience sports betting handicappers.

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Individual sports bettors often find it difficult to maintain a long term winning record because there is so much information to analyze for each game and choosing the right lines. Professional handicappers, on the other hand, have more experience, contacts and sometimes even employees helping them find the best bets. The most successful of these handicappers sometimes add to their income by selling the same picks that they work so hard to find for themselves.

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Finding Trust Worthy Betting Picks

Finding a trustworthy site for expert sports betting picks is vital because not only do your bets rely on the accuracy of their picks, but you also sometimes have to pay just to know what those picks are. There are lots of people out there who claim to have winning records but it is difficult sorting out the legit handicappers from the fraudsters looking for a quick buck.

The best way to find out which sites offer trustworthy picks is to do your own research. Join some online gambling forums and ask around to see what other sports bettors have to say. You would be surprised at how much you can learn by simply talking to other people online.

Once you find a few that seem to be widely trusted, you can then look up their picks records online at their websites. Anything between 50%-55% is pretty good. Any sites that claim to have 60% or higher success rates should be regarded with skepticism. A sports betting picks agency can say anything it wants on its website, and that’s why you started out by identifying trustworthy sites first.

After you join a site that offers expert picks, you must then play with patience. The best sports handicappers only win a bit more than 50% of their picks. Although anything above 50% is enough to achieve a long term win rate, it is still low enough to give you plenty of ups and downs (variance) along the way.

Just because you join a site and lose a couple picks right off the bat, it doesn’t mean the site is a complete scam. It could mean that even the best handicappers go on dry runs.

Subscription vs. Free Betting Picks

Some websites give away free picks and others require you to sign up for a paid subscription. Generally, the paid subscription sites offer higher quality picks because their business models revolve around them offering solid advice to their members. Of course, that is assuming you are dealing with reputable handicapping services.

Free picks tend to be lower quality because there’s not as much incentive to give away quality advice. Some subscription services offer free picks as teasers but those handicappers openly admit that their free picks aren’t as reliable as their paid picks. Other times, you can just go online and find picks from random people on websites and forums.

Game picks offered by random people online are very hit and miss. There are some skilled sports bettors on the internet but there are also many yapping mouths out there. If upi join a few sports betting forums, you can usually find out which members offer the best picks by looking at their reputations and past history.

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