Internet Bingo Jackpots

“Bingo Jackpots” – There are a few types of online bingo jackpots at bingo sites, the most common of which is known as a blackjack or a coverall. Generally to play a coverall and be eligible for prizes, you need to have played at least one game prior to the event, this is to keep players from only betting on bingo jackpots.

Many websites with bingo jackpots don’t require you to have played any other games however, and other bingo betting sites actually require you to have played more than one game prior to coverall game.

With that being said, look into the jackpot rules at online bingo websites before you play.

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Types of Blackout Bingo Jackpots

Many bingo sites will offer two types of betting games on the way to the blackout. The first is called an ‘on the way up game’. This is a small game, played during the blackout game, for instance, the ‘on the way up’ game could be a regular bingo, awarding the first player to get bingo by getting one of the seven ways to win with a small prize, and then finishing with the blackout or coverall game.

Another bingo jackpot game that’s played on the way to a coverall game is a chat game. Chat games are a fun way for visitors to bingo chat rooms to win free bingo money while they play bingo, there’s generally one going on during blackout jackpot events simply because they’re so long.

Progressive Jackpots

Most bingo sites offer progressive bingo jackpots, in fact many of them offer more than one jackpot type running at the same time. Every time anyone buys a bingo card in the bingo room where the jackpot is offered a portion of the price they pay for betting on the bingo card is paid into the bingo betting jackpot, then the players will have to complete certain tasks to win the online bingo jackpot.

For instance, at many bingo websites any player that wins bingo within a pre-specified number of calls wins the jackpot anytime. At other bingo betting sites the jackpot can only be won during a coverall by any player that calls bingo within the allotted amount of calls.

Special Holiday Bingo Jackpots

Many real money online bingo sites offer special betting promotions on bingo jackpots during the holidays, these are usually smaller bingo jackpots, and are won by making specific patterns, such as Christmas tree’s on bingo cards.

Promotional Jackpots

One of the best offerings from bingo sites are promotional bingo jackpots, these are often held by new online bingo sites, and online betting sites looking to gain attention and new players. The site will put up a large chunk of cash, and usually have a promo night, all night long there will be fun activities and people winning real money betting on bingo jackpots, then at the end of the event, one player will win a big bingo jackpot.

One example of this sort of bingo jackpot over the internet is available at Cyber Bingo every Friday night, when one bingo player wins $1,000.000 in bingo jackpot money. This is a pretty small scale example, so if you here about any grand opening or special holiday promotions, be sure and check them out, in the meantime, mark your calendars for next Friday night at Cyber bingo!

Tips For Betting on Bingo Jackpots Online

There’s one thing you need to be aware of when it comes to hitting the jackpot at an online bingo site. If you’re playing on bonus money, be careful, you may not qualify to win large bingo jackpots. Check the terms and conditions for specifics.

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