Ontario Mulls Over Legalizing Online Gaming

The recent developments in the online gaming industry that are taking place in Canada are similar to those taking place in the US. Dalton McGuinty, the premier of Ontario, recently suggested legalizing online gaming to increase revenue. Giving the examples of British Columbia, the Atlantic Provinces, and Quebec, Paul Godfrey, the chairman of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, said that he would like to explore legalization of online gaming in Ontario. He pointed out the fact that gaming profits are flowing offshore from Ontario. Although McGuinty is not that committed to the online gaming issue, he is sure that the matter of online gaming can no longer be ignored. Ontario would first plunge into online poker if internet gambling were to be legalized in the province, he said. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, McGuinty said that he plans to discuss the matter with the minister, adding that something has got to be done about the issue of online gaming immediately. Although McGuinty is not willing to compromise with regard to ethical issues such as liquor and gambling, he firmly believes that the government needs to intervene in the matter of online gaming. Considering the fact that the residents of Ontario are already wagering millions, he feels that the government ought to establish some sort of control over online gaming and gain its benefits. The online gaming movement in Canada developed chiefly because of the large revenue that can be generated by the industry. By 2010, Canada expects to generate $50 million online gaming revenue in Quebec.

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