Polish Authorities Are Against Online Gaming

Online gaming has been a hotly debated subject in Poland in recent days. First, the media flashed around the interesting news that the Polish sports minister was involved in certain shady deals with regard to online gaming taxes. Second, news about the Polish prime minister declaring open warfare on everything that is illegal about the online gaming world began spreading.

The Polish government first banned all online casinos in Poland in a bid to put an end to all online gaming activities in the country. Surprisingly, the government withdrew the ban in just a few weeks. Now, the government is busy trying to devise ways and means to break any agreements online casinos might have made with the football associations of Poland.

If the government succeeds, this will have an adverse effect on Unibet, the leading poker site and online casino of Europe because it will have to change its logo and name, which contains an image of the First League stadium of Poland. Moreover, all Unibet branding in Poland will have to be removed.

Despite the fact that this will stunt Unibet’s growth and development in Poland, the online gaming site believes that its intense advertising campaign in Poland has given it a large and unshakeable base of customers in Poland. Unibet might not be wrong because experts in the industry also feel that Unibet is the most visible gaming company in Poland at the moment. Even Kaisa Davies, the head of marketing in Central and Eastern Europe for Unibet, shares this opinion.

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