Australian Open Market Opens Up

The Australian Open tennis championships get under way in Melbourne from January 17. Till a few days ago, the online betting sites only offered odds for the outright winners in the Men’s and Women’s Singles events. The seeding and the draws for all events were announced by the organizers yesterday. This has opened up the Australian Open market at the betting sites with a range of exciting bets on offer. is one of the most popular tennis betting sites and the full range of Australian Open bets are available there. The odds for the outright winner continue to be offered. Rafael Nadal is top seed and the odds of his winning remain unchanged at 15/8. However, the odds for Roger Federer winning have been shortened from 9/4 to 7/4. Federer is the favorite at despite being second seed.

Another interesting bet is naming the two finalists in the Men’s Singles event. The top seeds combination of Nadal and Federer has odds of 11/8. Players who want to take a greater risk in the hope of winning something substantial can try the combination of Andy Murray and Novic Djokovic at 14/1. Djokovic is seeded third and Murray is seeded fifth so the risk is not unreasonable.

Many bets are offered on the outcomes of individual matches. The odds for the Round 1 matches have already been put up at the betting site. The top seed Nadal plays Marcos Daniel. The odds for Nadal winning are 1/500. One will not gain anything by putting one’s money here. On the other hand the odds for Daniel winning are 33/1 and Round 1 upsets are not unheard of.

Odds have been offered on who will win the first set and also on the final match score. The most likely match score according to is 3-0 in favor of Nadal with odds of 1/9 and the least likely score is 3-0 in favor of Daniel with odds of 100/1. The Total Games 2-Way bet is an interesting one. The odds for less than 25.5 (which means 25 or less) games being played in the entire match are 10/11, whereas the odds for more than 25.5 games (which means 26 or more) being played are 4/5.

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