Three College Basketball Betting Strategy Tips

Although the NBA has well over a week’s worth of games completed, college basketball has yet to get started. This presents a common problem among bettors each year.

They get so used to betting on the NBA that they forget there are several differences between the pro game and the college game.

College Basketball Betting Tip #1

College basketball games betting tend to have more lines to choose from than NBA games. Make sure to look at several different betting sites to find a line that is most suitable to you. You don’t have to look at 100 different sites to find a line that you like.

Choosing three of the top sports betting sites will allow you to have a good idea of how you can bet.

NCAA Basketball Betting Tip #2

Chemistry plays a more important role in college basketball than it does in the NBA. College teams have a lot more turnover than professional squads. Players can only stick around for a maximum of four years, though players leaving after only one is prevalent.

Compare this to NBA teams where a player can remain on one team for 10 or more seasons, and you can see how the college game can lack chemistry. Make sure to watch a lot of games early in the season and pick up on the teams that may not have gelled yet. You can count on them to lose more games than a team that has two or more years logged together.

College Basketball Betting Tip #3

The best college basketball teams are usually more dominant over lesser competition than good teams in the NBA. There are more teams in college basketball, which makes it difficult for smaller colleges to recruit talent.

This usually means that lines at online betting sites will be quite large when a traditionally talented team like North Carolina faces a small school. However, upsets do happen, so take advantage of especially lopsided lines.

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