Orlando Magic Might Be This Years NBA Team To Bet On

Basketball has long been one of the most exciting sports to wager on because the games are high scoring and the action is frenetic.

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The NBA offers the highest level of basketball in the world, and it is often difficult to decide on a team to bet on because basketball can be so unpredictable.

Any player has the potential to go off and win the game for their team on any night.

However, the Orlando Magic are one of the most consistent teams in the NBA. More often than not, you know what you will be getting from them on a nightly basis.

Dwight Howard

The number one reason to bet on the Orlando Magic is Dwight Howard. Howard, the center for the Magic, is one of the best defensive players in the NBA. His 6’11” frame is imposing for any player attempting to drive the lane. While Howard is one of the top shot blockers in the league, his mere presence is enough to deter players from taking it to the hoop.

Howard helps keep the number of points allowed by the Magic low.

This is important information for people who like to wager on the over/under for a game. While the Magic are known to put up points, their defense will help keep the total score low.

The Preseason

Most bettors are quick to write off the preseason. Although teams do not play starters for very long and play can be sloppy, statistics show that how a team fares in the preseason does have an affect on their regular season win total.

This is excellent news for the Magic because they completely dominated the preseason – they didn’t just beat teams, they decimated them. It was rare that the Magic did not win a game by at least 20 points.

For fans of real money online betting sites, this means that you can expect the Magic to cover plenty of spreads when they are the favorite.


The Magic have been plagued by injuries the past couple of seasons. Point guard Jameer Nelson, shooting guard Vince Carter and forward Rashard Lewis all missed significant time in the past.

Although the team is finally completely healthy, bettors should still pay attention to the injury report to see if the Magic will be missing any key players for an extended period of time.

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