Harness Racing Betting Sites

Harness Racing Betting” – Harness racing is a type of horse racing betting in which the horse pulls a cart (called sulkies) with a jockey – rather than the jockey riding the horse itself. We have researched harness racing betting sites and list the top rated harness racing sites below:

Best Harness Racing Betting Sites Online

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One of the most popular harness racing betting events during the year is the Hambletonian – a race for three year old horses. This race forms part of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters.

One of the primary attractions to harness racing betting over other forms of betting online is that you can directly increase your odds of winning through knowledge of the horses, understanding the odds, and available types of real money wagers at online harness racing betting sites.

How to Bet On Harness Racing Online

Betting at harness racing sites is very similar to any other type of horse racing betting. Three of the basic types of straight bets are win, place and show bets. These bets are as follows:

A win bet on a harness race is a wager on the winner of the race, as the name would suggest. You are placing a wager that the horse you pick will finish first – and only first. Unlike the other two straight bets available with harness racing betting, you have only one pick that you can make but you can win much more money than with place or show betting.

A place bet means that you are betting that your selected horse will finish the race in either the first or second position. Although your odds are obviously increased with two possible finishing positions, the payout for this type of bet is lower than a win bet.

A show bet is a wager that your selected horse will finish in the first through third position. Like the place bet, your odds of cashing your ticket increase but the payout for a winning bet decreases.

It is also important to note that it does not matter which position your horse finishes in – the payout is the same whether the horse finishes in first or third place.

Exotic Wagers At Harness Racing Betting Websites

Exotic wagers at harness racing sites carry more risk but offer much higher pay outs than any straight bets like the win, place and show. One example of an exotic bet is the Exacta wager – where you bet on both the first and second place finishers, in their exact order.

However, if your horses finish in the opposite order (your second place pick actually wins the race), you do not win the bet, even if both horses finish the race in either first or second place.

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