Pot Limit Poker

Pot Limit is a relatively common structure for poker in which the maximum allowable bet is the current size of the pot, including any action that has occurred before your turn in the current betting round. Calculating the current pot size can be difficult for beginners, though a few simple tricks reduce the challenge. Although the wagering structure is often most closely associated with Omaha, it can also be applied to games such as Texas Holdem and 7 Card Stud.

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Pot Limit Rules

The minimum bet amount in a Pot Limit poker betting game is the value of the big blind. For example, in a $2.50 / $5.00 Pot Limit poker game, the minimum bet would be $5.

The maximum bet amount in Pot Limit poker is significantly more difficult to calculate. The maximum Pot Limit poker bet is the size of the pot, which includes all bets that have been made so far in the betting round.

Take, for example, a Pot Limit game in which you’re the first player to act following the flop. The current pot size is $15. Your two options are to check or bet. The maximum bet you can make is $15, since there hasn’t been any action so far in the round and $15 is the amount sitting in the pot.

Now, let’s say that you’re the second player to act after the flop. The first player makes a bet of $10. To calculate the maximum bet, you must add up the current pot ($15), the first player’s bet ($10), and the amount of your call ($10). On top of this, you must add your call again, for a total maximum bet of $45.

Calculating Maximum Bets

Although calculating the maximum bet can be complicated, you can use a simple trick to speed up your calculations. To arrive at the maximum possible bet, simple multiply the previous bet by three, and add that figure to all previous bets made in the round, as well as the original pot value.


Many poker beginners are under the impressions that Pot Limit poker is an easier, or less risky game than No Limit poker. While this is true to an extent, the reality is that the average bet size in a Pot Limit poker game is similar to in No Limit. The pot size can grow very large very quickly, especially when several aggressive players are raising the maximum amount each time it’s their turn to bet.

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