Understanding Poker Player Tells

You may think by playing poker on the internet you neither give away tells or can read tells. Well think again. In this article you will learn a few of the most important online poker tells.

So many players use the auto buttons when they are multi-tabling because it speeds up the game up. After a player checks, if the next person checks immediately it was usually on autocheck and would move very quickly. Now what could this mean? Usually it can be an indication that the player has a weak hand.

Many players will use the autocheck button without even really thinking about it when they don’t really have much. The check boxes vary by site but most sites have auto check boxes that let you check or fold if someone bets and also check or call if someone bets. Noticing these betting patterns when playing can give you more information and it may take only a raise to see this person fold. Even online it helps to play the player and not just your own cards.

You will see the same players over and over if you are playing in mid stakes games or higher, so being able to recognize patterns created by the use of the auto buttons can be a big help to your game. To take optimal advantage of this tell, it helps to be in late position. Not only does late position give you the advantage of knowing the other players intentions before you act, you can use online poker tells to discern their strength or weakness.

For example: 4 people see the flop and I am the last to act. The first person checks and now come the next two players – Bang! Bang!, they both check in quick succession. If I bet I usually only have to think about the first player, the player who originally checked. The other two players usually go away after my bet.

Keep in mind that at low limits you get many calling stations so those two players who instantly checked using their auto button just may call you even if they need 2 running cards.

You should be happy about betting situations like that. Yes, I know they will catch both cards once in a while, but you will make money off of this particular type of player. Don’t chase them away from the table! Welcome them with open arms.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some players, especially regulars, may do an auto check on purpose to let you think their hand is weak and possibly induce you into betting. I would expect this to be the case when you start moving up in stakes such as $2/4 and higher but some may try it even at the $.50/1 and $1/2 stakes.

So beware of the auto buttons next time you play. Some auto buttons do save time and never give away your hand, such as the auto post button, but even be frugal with this button. If you don’t like to play at a short table never use the auto post button. You may wind up posting a blind when you wanted to leave. It happens a lot.

More Tells

Another tell is the hesitation. This of course is harder to interpret than the rapid checking tell. Sometimes it could be just a slow connection or a problem with the ISP or even your poker site.

Think about it and see if the player hesitates if he/she has a strong or weak hand. This tell can be very player dependent. I usually put a player on a stronger hand if they hesitate for a bit, because they have to think about what they want to do, which suggests they have a hand. While if a player wanted to bluff, they would do it spontaneously without really thinking about it.

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